Branded Luxury Hotel Stay
for ₹ 2,999/- (Incl. Taxes)

  • Branded Luxury Hotel Stays for ₹ 2,999 (Incl. Taxes)
    Voucher valid All over India

  • Luxury Stay Voucher valid All Over India
    For ₹ 2,999 (Incl. Taxes)

  • Guaranteed Stay in a Branded Luxury Hotel
    For ₹ 2,999 (Incl. Taxes)

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Luxury Stay all over India for ₹ 2,999 (Incl. Taxes)Voucher valid All over India       Valid for 11 Months       Guaranteed Luxury Stay       Refundable        Buy Voucher

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How it works

We are not a regular hotel or vacation booking site. We wish to fulfill aspiration of millions of Indians to stay in a Luxury Hotel. We provide hidden deals for stay in branded luxury hotels, across India.

It's a unique concept launched for the first time, anywhere in the world. We offer a "One India One Price" for staying in a luxury hotel any time of the year. No seasonal jumps hotel prices. No comparison. No bargain hunting. And no compromise!

Luxury stay guaranteed at all inclusive, fixed price.

Our aim is to fulfill aspiration of millions of Indians who wish to experience a stay in a luxury hotel and with us he / she can proudly say "Yes icanstay in a luxury hotel".

And it's very simple. Buy our Voucher. Create a wish list outlining upto five dates against each voucher. We will send across an "offer of stay" against your wish list, after checking availability with our partner hotels. And you can experience stay in a Luxury Hotel.

How do you select your five dates? You can choose any date(s) on which, you would like to stay in a luxury hotel. It can be a particular date or to give you additional flexibility, we have also provided you with an option to select any particular week or month. We will confirm the availability of room(s) on your chosen date / week / month with our partner hotels and send you an "Offer of Stay". You can either accept our "Offer of Stay" or just let it go, if there is any change in your schedule. If you accept our "Offer of Stay", we will send you a confirmation number along with the name and address of the luxury Hotel.

Again to give additional flexibility, we provide you with an option to change your wish list, as many times you want.

When you purchase an icanstay voucher, it remains valid for 11 months for stay for two adults and kid(s). Kid(s) stay is as per Hotel Policy.

We also offer a unique Guaranteed Stay Plan (GSP), wherein we promise to offer a stay in a branded luxury hotel, on atleast one of the dates chosen by you in your wish list. In the unlikely event, that we are unable to offer you a room on atleast one of your chosen date(s), we shall gift you one (1) additional "icanstay voucher" completely free. However, to avail this GSP, you need to create a complete wish list in our system by outlining all five dates against your voucher and leave a gap of fifteen (15) days between each chosen date in your wish list.

If you have a Voucher, there is also an option to search availability of rooms in your desired destination / location on a real time basis. If rooms are available with our partner hotels, you can redeem your Voucher immediately. Effective and simple!

We also believe that you would love the icanstay experience so much, that you may also want to gift the same to your loved one(s). With our 'Gift a Stay' option, we provide you with an easy & convenient way to gift a luxury experience. All you have to do is provide contact coordinates / details of the person you would like to "Gift a Stay" and we shall take care of the rest.

Enjoy your stay and experience Luxury at an icanstay partner hotel!

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We Promise Opulence with Each Stay

We Guarantee Luxury Stay

We promise you that we will fulfill your wishlist and guarantee you a Luxury stay!

Guaranteed Stay Plan

Handpicked selection of fabulous luxury hotels chosen diligently to delight every time you make a booking/stay in our partner hotel.

Easy Redemption

With you'll always feel entitled to that luxury experience. Afterall, we are in the business of making your dreams come true.

One India One Price

We believe in being consistent and delivering on our promise of making luxury accessible to all at one price across India.

Validity for 11 Months

Once you've purchased your voucher, you are at the liberty to redeem it anytime at icanstay cities across India, upto a period of 11 months.

Refundable / Extendable

We understand if you haven't been able to redeem your voucher. Get your money back anytime in just one click!

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Gorgeous Cities. Stunning Hotels. Unbelievable Price.

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We have Luxury Hotel Partners in 25 Cities with 6400+ Rooms and we are working to expand to more cities with more exciting Hotels as you read this.

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