8 Travel Tips For Frequent Business Travellers

Work responsibilities take you to varied destinations across the globe. From meeting new clients to attending corporate training sessions, the reasons for business travel are endless. How can you make the best from your business travel and stay? Here are eight tips to have a successful business trip and make the most of your hotel stay every time.

1) Loyalty counts

Patronize the same hotel each time you travel to a particular destination. Being brand loyal helps you build a rapport with the hotel staff and also take advantage of loyalty benefits such as discounts on room tariffs and free upgrades. When you visit the same hotel often, the housekeeping staff, concierge and chefs soon begin paying special attention to your specific needs making you feel right at home.

2) Utilize the hotel amenities to work as well as unwind

Business hotels come with a host of facilities that you can use to work as well as relax. From 24-hour business centres, conference rooms and convention halls to in-room wireless internet, take advantage of these amenities to facilitate your work. At the same time, spend your free hours relaxing in the pool or sweating it out in the gym to stay fit even while you travel.

3) Be polite while asking for an upgrade

It’s not uncommon for front desk clerks to offer free upgrades when rooms are vacant. Choose the right time to approach the clerk. Ensure that there are not many people around and be extremely polite. Remember, the clerk is doing you a favour by upgrading you to a better room at no extra charge.

4) Delay booking your room as much possible

Most often, room tariffs are cheapest when you book them on the same day as you need to occupy them. This is because the hotel will be eager to rent a room which is vacant for the day. So any money is better than no money for the hotel. Also, many online hotel booking websites offer huge discounts when you book at the last minute.

5) Tip the hotel staff well

When you reward the staff at the hotel you regularly visit well, they go beyond their call of duty to make your stay comfortable. From getting the best rooms and upgrades on special occasions to free laundry and minibar access, keeping the staff happy ensures that you have a pleasant stay. When you tip well, the staff will not only work harder to prove that they deserve the tip but also to ensure that you continue tipping them regularly.

6) Beat fatigue

The numerous responsibilities you take on during a business trip can adversely affect your health. Sign-up for an hour at the hotel spa or eat a wholesome meal at the restaurant instead of lying in bed suffering from a jet lag. A sound night’s sleep after a spa therapy and a good meal will help you get back to work with a renewed vigour.

7) Get to know the concierge

A concierge can play many roles when it comes to aiding your business trip. From serving as a butler or personal assistant to being your tour guide, no job is too difficult for the concierge. Make sure you get to know the concierge well and beckon him as and when you may need to. He’ll surely be happy to help.

8) Watch your diet

The plethora of dining options at most modern business hotels can take you off your fitness regime. Binging on the minibar snacks or going crazy at the free breakfast buffet can add unwanted inches to your waist. Don’t let your travel add to your health woes. Inform the kitchen to keep your healthy sandwich or fat-free cereal close at hand at all times.

Being aware of how to get your way around the workings of a hotel by asking the right person for the right thing, tipping them well and when to book can save you time and money. Use these handy business travel tips the next time you travel to get the most out of your stay.

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