Let the Fashionista in you Travel Along …!!!

Females are always at an advantage when it comes to fashion and trends. We have a million options in shoes, clothes and the tiniest accessory one can think off. Now you are a fashionista back home and love to dress up in general, but the actual pressure is always on you Instagram account. Your travel bag pack is always tricky. There is a huge dilemma between packing light and packing for a stylish getaway.  No matter how little you want to carry, you simply can’t leave things behind. After all, it’s all about those posts on your social media account where someone might scrutinize the tiniest detail.

The trick to travel in style is actually simple and will reduce your headache of choosing between your best pair of denim or shorts that you will be using for the next couple of days. Sort your clothes as per your itinerary. You know when you would need a pair of shorts and when a nice breezy summer dress. This will enable you to pack only what you need and not anything that comes to hand randomly. Plus you will never regret leaving anything behind. Another small tip is to pack wrinkle free tops and dresses. It saves you the pain of looking for an iron every time you step out for the day.

Accessorize! Trust me; this is the key to a perfect travel wardrobe. You can reduce yours clothes but not your accessories.  The best part is their volume and weight. You can stock up on your jewellery, scarf’s, hats, 2 or 3 pairs of sunglasses etc. These miniscule items are extremely handy in setting a completely different look even if you repeat an outfit.  Icing on the cake would be carrying small and foldable bag packs so you can switch them every couple of days.

Now the most complicated and confusing of everything is Shoes! Here there is no running away. Your comfy shoes may not be your first choice back home but come on, you can’t be walking around in those heels. There should always be space for one good pair of heels in your list for those unique party nights that would go with any dress. For your day travel, pack up 2/3 sets of flats and wear your sneakers along. It’s a real space saver if you can manage to wear your walking shoes while commuting as they eat up a lot of space in your bag.

Holidaying in higher altitudes or colder regions; your Leather Jacket can make your life simple. Your look cannot be complete without a stylish leather jacket.  It goes with most of the outfits and saves you the effort for the perfect look. Again, wear it on the plane as most of them are bulky and block space.

Organize your bag to fit maximum items with the help of bag organizers and zip lock bags. It is trouble-free to pack and unpack while on the move. Last but not the least is, always wear your best smile on. Nothing in your wardrobe can beat that!

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