Things to Look for When Choosing a Business Hotel

Are you someone who frequently travels on business? If yes, you know the importance of staying in a hotel that caters to business travellers and provides the perfect combination of high-tech amenities, service and comfort. There can be nothing more catastrophic than checking into a hotel only to find that it doesn’t have high-speed internet or a business centre. To make it easy for your next business trip, check for these amenities before you book your stay at a business hotel.

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A top-notch business centre

Business centres are very critical when you’re travelling on work. If your laptop crashes or you need to print some documents in a hurry, you’ll wish your hotel had one. The best business hotels offer a 24-hour business centre with comfortable seating, copy machines, fax machines and printers.

 In-room Wi-Fi

 Wi-Fi is an absolute must for any business traveller. Wi-Fi must be available in the room and if possible throughout the hotel so that business travellers can work on the go. From conference calls to work emails, you need Wi-Fi for everything work-related. It’s not just a Wi-Fi connection you need; equally important is high-speed internet. You’ll be happy to hear that many hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi. If you want to have a good business trip, make sure you choose a hotel that provides a reliable and speedy Wi-fi connection.

Multiple electrical sockets

 Have you checked into a hotel and realised that you need to unplug your bedside lamp to charge your laptop because the room doesn’t have enough sockets? If yes, you know how frustrating it can be. In this digital era, everyone carries multiple electronic devices—laptop, smartphone, camera—and you need to charge these devices every day. So, it’s mandatory for a good business hotel to have multiple electrical sockets.


Make sure that you pick a hotel that is close to your workplace. Otherwise you might end up in the wrong side of town and spend a crazy amount of time travelling to your destination or stuck in traffic. A shorter commute means that you end up saving a lot of time and your stay becomes a lot more productive. So, make sure you pick a hotel in the right location!

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Work desks

 A spacious and ergonomic work desk makes working from your hotel room a lot easier and very convenient. Preparing a presentation from your work desk is a lot more comfortable than sitting on the bed and working on your laptop. Many hotels also provide power panels and docking stations so that you have a great working experience.

Concierge services

The concierge service at a hotel can make a good hotel experience a great one. From giving you directions to just about anywhere and booking a taxi for you to getting you reservations at the hottest restaurants and suggesting events to attend nearby, a good concierge service can make your stay absolutely fabulous. If your hotel has a concierge service, make sure you use it!

Express check-out

Have you checked out of your room and then stood in a queue while the receptionist takes a long time to prepare your bill? With an express check-out service, the long wait at the front desk isn’t something you’ll suffer again. If you ask for an express check-out, your final bill will be charged to your credit card without the need for your signature at the time of checkout. This means that you don’t need to go to the front desk to settle your bill. The hotel will mail you a copy of the bill, sales ticket and express checkout authorization form, (which you would have signed at the time of check-in) after you’ve checked out.

This service is supported by few credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. However, not all hotels offer this service.

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