Travelling Alone !

Traveling has evolved in a whole new perspective in the past decade. Gone are the days when outings were restricted to a group or couple activity. Travelling Solo seems to be a popular choice these days where experiences are preferred over materialist acquisitions. It’s your choice, your time and your budget.

Although travel groups take great care in making sure Solo travelers feel secured, one still has doubts on the security aspect. The concern is a bit more in case of a self-planned individual itinerary and not through any travel agency. This is where luxury stay is ideal as compared to standard/ local accommodations. One is assured that a certain group of visitors will be accommodating the same premise. Further the services provided create opportunities for solo travelers to interact with fellow guests staying in.

One of the best things about travelling on your own is interacting with new people without any pre-conceived notions. We all have our own circle of like-minded individuals which somewhere restricts our outlook on life. The relaxed atmosphere and the complex mix of people we meet gives us a chance to rethink our take on life. It also gives a much-needed break, not only from our stressed out professional routine but also our emotional routine. The fast-paced life demands a balanced EQ along with a high IQ to keep you sane in the going. Moreover, it seems to be the most suitable way to keep the energy on as you spend your time doing things that you like the most.

Travelling by yourself has its own Pros and Cons and it takes a lot of courage to do it the first time. When we talk about solo travelers the first thing we imagine is young hippies on the move with a single backpack and zero stability in personal or professional life. It is kind of obvious for single individuals venturing out alone, but you will be surprised to see the number of professional’s, married folks on the move just by themselves. You will often hear them saying “just taking a break” or “it’s me time”. Well there’s nothing wrong with that! Isn’t it?

If you think it through, it’s never too late to begin on your own. Age is just a number and what does matter, is the way you feel within. It is better than spending time exploring with company that does share the same interest as you. Let’s say, you are more into Scenic beauty but must forcefully drag yourself into visiting museums that does not grab your attention beyond a few minutes. The days passes by and all you feel is simply bored and wasted. Surely this is not an experience you signed in for.

Traveling alone can be taxing and gratifying at the same time. For sure there is no one to watch your back but at the same time it is a great opportunity to move at your own pace. End of day, it all comes down to your preferences and what you are looking for. Spiritually it is the best time for reflection and inner peace.

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