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Presenting the most Rewarding Referral Program!

icanCash is our rewards programme where you can earn cash in your icanstay account simply by referring us to your friends through your phone contacts. Every unit of icanCash you earn is equal to one rupee, which you can use to buy a Luxury Stay Voucher or make a Last-Minute Booking on our site or mobile app.

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How to earn icanCash?

  • First, you must download the free icanstay mobile app, and register yourself. The app can be downloaded here for android or iOS
  • As soon as you register we will credit your icanstay account with ₹1,000 icanCash.
  • If you already have the mobile app and are already registered, simply log in using the mobile app, go to Refer & Earn menu and share your phone contacts with the app.
  • Upon successful sharing of your contacts, we will credit ₹5,000 icanCash to your account. You’re now ready to spend your icanCash
  • If you have been referred by your friend, you must register using the app and use the referral code given by your friend.

How much icanCash I can earn?

You can earn up to a maximum of ₹1 Lakh icanCash. The more you share, the more reward you get! Here’s how:

  • When you register you get ₹1,000 icanCash.
  • When you share your phone contacts you earn ₹5,000 icanCash,
  • When your friend registers using your referral code, they get ₹1,000 icanCash and you get ₹2,000 icanCash for every successful registration.
  • When your friend makes a purchase on icanstay, you get ₹1,000 icanCash.
  • Whenever you make a purchase on icanstay website, mobile site or the app, you get ₹1,000 cashback.

How will I use icanCash?

You can redeem icanCash every time you make a purchase on icanstay. You can do this by logging into icanstay using any method - website, mobile site or app.

  • When you make your first purchase after earning icanCash, you can redeem maximum ₹500 icanCash for the purchase
  • You can use icanCash for a maximum of ₹200 off on every subsequent purchase.
  • icanCash can be used for any of our services you wish to buy. These includes:
    • Luxury voucher valid for 11 months
    • Last-minute booking with our partner hotels


How to avail referral icanCash using my friend's referral code? You need to download the icanstay mobile app from Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for Apple) and sign up with your mobile number, email ID and your friend's referral code.

How can I earn more icanCash?

This is how you can earn
  • Earn ₹5,000 icanCash when you share your phone contacts
  • Earn ₹2,000 icanCash when your friend signs-up on icanstay app with your referral code.
  • Earn ₹1,000 Cashback on your every purchase.
  • Earn ₹1,000 icanCash for each transaction made by your referred friend.
This is how your friend can earn
  • Your friend will earn ₹1,000 icanCash, after successfully registered on icanstay app using your referral code.
  • Your friend will earn ₹5,000 icanCash, after s/he shares her/his contacts

Is there a validity of my earned icanCash? Yes, the validity of icanCash is 6 months from the date of its earning.

How do I get my first voucher in ₹1,499? You may use maximum up to ₹500 icanCash on your first icanstay open voucher purchase. Original Price ₹2,999 - ₹500 icanCash redeemed = you pay ₹2,499. Plus you get a cashback of ₹1,000 icanCash in your account. Hence you can get your first voucher in ₹1,499 only.

When will icanCash be credited to my account after I sign up? Once you download icanstay mobile app and signup for registration using your friend's referral code, we immediately credit icanCash in your account.

How will my friend, whose referral code I used for signup, earn icanCash? Once you download and signup using your friend's referral code, s/he will get a referral bonus of ₹2,000 icanCash and every time you’ll make a purchase with icanstay, s/he will earn icancash of ₹1,000.

Can I transfer my referral icanCash from one account to other? No. Promotional (Campaigns/loyalty/referral) icanCash is not transferable under any circumstances.

What if I cancel my booking? Will my friend still get icanCash? Yes. Even if you cancel your booking, your friend still gets icanCash. Or, even if your friend cancels his/her booking, you will get icanCash that is due.

Where can I use my icanCash? icanCash can be used for any booking made on icanstay via website, app and mobile site.

Are there any limitations & rules for it?

  • You may use maximum up to ₹500 icanCash on your first Luxury Hotel booking with icanstay app/website.
  • For second and further purchases the usage of icanCash will be maximum up to ₹200 per transaction.

What if I cancel the booking made by using icanCash? In the event of a Booking Cancellation, all the icanCash utilized in the booking would be refunded, however, the expiry date of the icanCash would be the same as it was before. icanCash will be credited to the same account through which you are logged in while making the booking on

I'm trying to sign up, but I get a message that "Sign up bonus is only for new users”. What do I do? Mobile number given should be new as only new accounts are eligible to avail the referral scheme. However, you can sign in with your existing account and share your phone contacts to earn ₹5,000 icanCash.

Terms and Conditions

  • By sharing your contacts with icanstay you are allowing us to send SMS to all of your friends.
  • Your friend will become your referral only after he/she registers with icanstay with your referral code.
  • The contact who is getting registered should be a new user.
  • Your friend will earn ₹1,000 icanCash after successful registration using your referral code.
  • User can earn maximum ₹1 Lakh icanCash.
  • icanCash can be used for buying vouchers & booking hotel in last minute deals on icanstay App, Website and Mobile site.
  • icanCash is valid for 6 months from the date of its earning. It cannot be extended or claimed after expiry, icanCash can only be redeemed/used while purchasing Vouchers and Hotel Room Booking.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • icanCash is non-transferable and non-extendable.
  • By agreeing to all terms and conditions of icanstay’s referral program you can start earning icanCash and can redeem/use maximum ₹500 icanCash on your first purchase, ₹200 icanCash on subsequent purchases.
  • icanstay holds the right to modify or withdraw the offer at any point in time without any prior notice.
  • In case of any disputes, icanstay's decision will be final.

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