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Refund Policy

The refund for unused Vouchers can be sought at any time during the validity-period of the Voucher:

  1. The refund for unused Vouchers can be sought at any time during/on/after the validity-period of the Voucher.

  2. A request for refund can be made by clicking on tab 'refund voucher(s)' in My Account section.

  3. The refund will be generated within 72 hours from the time of request made by the buyer/user/customer and the same mode of refund will be exercised by as opted by the buyer/user/customer for buying the Voucher.

  4. A sum of Rs 150/- plus applicable taxes will be deducted from the Voucher amount at the time of refund.

  5. reserves the right to make the refund for unused Vouchers at any point of time without assigning any reasons.

  6. If an unused Voucher is not renewed as per Renewal Policy, the Website reserves the right to refund the Voucher amount after deducting the cancellation charges as mention in clause 4 above.

The refund for Last Minute deals booking:

  1. The Last minute deals booking are non-refundable.

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