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Why Choose Us

We promise opulence with each stay

Whether it's planning and booking months in advance or booking last minute, with icanstay waking up to a million dollar view, surrounded by the finer things in life is not just a dream, but a reality.

We Unify-One India One Price

We believe in being consistent and delivering on our promise of making luxury accessible to all at one price across India.

We Deliver-Redeem Anytime

Once you've purchased your voucher, you are at the liberty to redeem it anytime at icanstay cities across India, upto a period of 11 months.

We Empower-We Fulfill Aspirations

With you'll always feel entitled to that luxury five star experience. Afterall, we are in the business of making your dreams come true.

We Assure-Easy Navigation

We've ensured you'll never be lost and will always find your way around thanks to our smooth web/app interface and easy navigation.

We Curate-Handpicked Luxury Hotels

Handpicked selection of fabulous luxury hotels chosen diligently to delight every time you make a booking/stay in our partner hotel.

We Guarantee-Luxury Experience

We promise you that we will fulfill your wishlist and guarantee you a Luxury stay!

We Listen-Round-the-Clock Customer Care

While we've digitized the luxury travel experience for you we haven't forgotten the importance of a human touch. Our dedicated team is always a call away.

We Safeguard-Refund Anytime

We understand if you haven't been able to redeem your voucher. Get your money back anytime in just one click!

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