10 Clichéd Yet Fun Things To Do On Your Beach Vacation!

Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation, especially when it involves the sea and golden beaches! A beach vacation can instantly make you feel relaxed and give you the real feeling of vacation. If you love the salty sea breeze, the warmth of the sun and the sand under your feet you are a kind of person who will choose a beach vacation. If you’re planning a beach vacation for the first time and wondering how you can make your time memorable, you should know that beach vacations offer you a multitude of options to relax and have fun. Here’s a list of 10 clichéd, yet fun things you can do while on a beach vacation with your friends or family.

Beach Vacation


  1. Getting Your Feet Wet

Do not hesitate to get into the water when on a beach vacation. After all, your vacation will remain incomplete if you don’t have fun among the waves. But do remember to carry dry cloths, and wash away all the sand and salt water under a shower after your time in the water.

  1. Building a Sand Castle

Beach Vacation

You’ve probably always dreamed of building a sand castle. The time is finally here. Being an adult should not stop your from playing in the sand. Pack some sand toys, and if you don’t have them, you can always dig up sand with your bare hands and build a spectacular sand castle – or a sand mound that you can proudly call a sand castle.

  1. Getting Buried in the Sand

The next best thing that everyone enjoys doing on a beach is getting buried in the sand – or burying someone else. It’s a nice way to relax as well. To make it interesting, how about turning yourself into a sand mermaid or merman.

  1. Enjoying a Sunset or Sunrise


You can make your beach vacation enjoyable by doing nothing but watching the sun rise or set. This can be a peaceful experience that many find relaxing and calming. If you have your partner with you, nothing’s better than soaking in the natural beauty of a calm sea and the sun behind it, together.

  1. Photographing the Sunset or Sunrise

Whether or not you’re a photographer, you should never miss that perfectly beautiful sunset or sunrise shot at the beach. Everyone does it and there’s no reason you should not. After all, nothing epitomizes a beach vacation like a sunset shot.

  1. Collecting Sea Shells

Beach Vacation

Gathering sea shells on the beach is another classic thing to do during your time on the beach. Gather as many beautiful shells as you can. It doesn’t matter if you really need them or not. You can always give them away to someone who collects shells after keeping a perfect one for yourself for memory’s sake.

  1. Walking on the Sand

Beach Vacation


Take an early morning or evening walk on the sand alone or with a loved one. You don’t have a destination when you walk on the beach, which is the best thing about it. You can simply enjoy the surroundings – a beach is always an interesting place. You could also end up discovering a lonely, yet pleasant beach shack where you can end the evening or start the day with some nice food and company.

  1. Eating Sea Food

This is not really an option if you’re a vegetarian. Otherwise, make the most of your beach vacation by trying out new varieties of sea food. You could go to a popular place that someone suggested or you found online, or explore a new place on your own. Go ahead and be adventurous.

  1. Running after Sand Crabs

If you’ve nothing else to do, you could entertain yourself by running after those tiny little crabs that you always see on beaches, but escape into burrows before you can get near them. Don’t actually try to pick up the crabs as you could end up hurting the delicate creatures. If you have no mind to run around, just watching them scamper around can be entertaining enough.

  1. Having a Picnic on the Beach

Beach Vacation

Last but not the least, spend quality time with your entire vacation group on the beach over breakfast or brunch. Make sure you find some shade or sit under an umbrella to avoid the sun’s strong rays. This can be a perfect way to end your beach vacation.

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