5 Realistic Tips For Staying Fit While On Vacation

Travel & Fitness!

Traveling and staying in shape doesn’t go hand in hand is a myth, that most of us believe in. One of the major reasons to travel is to get out of your boring mundane routine which affects your fitness schedule.

Fitness can be a genetic need or individual obsession, in either of the scenarios, being on a break and ignoring your diet & fitness regime for few days may easily wash out your efforts of the last few months. Few simple tricks on the go that can be easily managed could keep you in good shape.

Stay Active while Traveling

Exploring any place on foot is one of the best ways to soak and feel the local vibes. However, it may not be a practical option every time. Strategize ahead to plan most of your day walking, an easy way to stay fit without much hustle. Alternatively, you could opt for cycle tours which last for a few hours with breaks at regular intervals. It is an equally interesting way to fit in physical activity while on the move.

Adventure Activities

Adventure gets that adrenaline rush going and sorts your routine for the day. Snorkeling, diving, trekking, rock climbing, etc. are few activities that will get your endorphins flowing and heart pumping. Swimming in a pool is a great full-body workout and one of the amenities in any 4 star and above property. Swimming in a local river/lake with the locals could help you connect with the people and nature more closely.

Integrate Cardio in your routine

Gymnasiums are a common feature in most of the luxury hotels and if you are a Gym enthusiast, it will be more than welcoming for you to take a quick detour for a 30 min basic cardio workout. Another preference can be going for a quick run/jog and enjoy the nearby surroundings of your stay.

Dining Choices

You’re are a foodie and your checklists are organized to try all the local delicacies. One of the worst things while on the move would be counting calories every time you eat something. Assuming your food options and restaurants are already researched and sorted out, try to balance the meals by not exploring all at the same time or day. Let say you had a heavy lunch planned out for the day, make sure you choose to eat light at dinner and vice versa. We also tend to go overboard with our alcohol consumption, a universal choice for most to relax. Just remember, its all in the mind and you don’t need alcohol to let everything go and enjoy.

Stay Hydrated

Water is always your best friend back home or wherever you are on the move. Make sure you are always hydrated with water and not with anything that has dense liquid calories. One of the easiest ways is to carry a bottle to monitor your intake for the day without making it a task. Cold drinks, ciders or beers can be tempting in a hot climate, but they don’t do any good to your body.

Staying fit and being in good shape keeps the mind fresh and active along with the tendency to fall sick at bay. Keeping a check on your physical health might be a boring chapter amongst everything else on your travel partner but when you see the results on weighting scale upon your return, it would be a sigh of relief.

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