The Best Christmas Vacation Ideas for Families

Merry Christmas! The eve of Jesus’s Birthday is here and the chilly excitement can be felt in the air. It’s that time of the year when every child in the country is super happy and pumped as they are expecting a nice gift on the chilly winter morning of the 25th December 2019 from the beloved Santa Clause. In order to make these gifts a little more special, you can always have Santa Travel to a vacation spot to deliver the gift to your child. Winter season is the perfect time of the year for people to travel to any place in the country, if you like the cool and snowy winter you can head towards the mountains, if you do not like them, you can go to the glorious beaches in the southern parts of the nation. However, the best paces in India for you to enjoy a memorable Christmas are given below:

Pondicherry (Puducherry)

Pondicherry is the perfect place for a family to visit during Christmas. It has beautiful beaches where you can enjoy under the sun and the French influence on the city makes the Christmas time extra special as the residents celebrate the festival with a lot of enthusiasm. The whole city is beautifully decorated. The lit churches and the way the festival is celebrated represent the French culture in a flawless manner. It not only ensures a fun vacation, it also allows you see the festival in a whole new light.

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The National Capital, Delhi

Delhi is a place where all cultures from across the nation come and live together. You can find all sorts to people in the capital city. Therefore, it is very interesting to see these people from different parts of the nation celebrate the same festival in many different ways. From late night parties of the youth to the families coming together for a Christmas fair, one can find it all in the national capital. The celebrations are not restricted to the Christian population, people from all religions celebrate the festival with full fervour. A vacation in Delhi is bound to be a memorable especially during the times of festivities.

North-Eastern Region

A significant chunk of the north-eastern population is Christian. The people wait all year long for the birthday of Christ to arrive, and when it does, they celebrate it with excitement, enthusiasm and zeal. It is almost like the whole region comes alive as Christmas arrives. The excited public decorates the cities with frills and flowers. The churches are lit with hundreds of candles and you can find the traditional delicacies of the festivals everywhere. The streets echo with the beautiful and melodious hymns and Christmas carols. The celebrations of the festival begin even before the midnight strikes and the public is filled with pure joy. It’s the sort of experience that one needs to get at least once in their lifetime. The kids are bound to have a great time as well because of all the candy.

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