Exploring Christmas Vibes …!!!

There are various advantages of residing in a country like India. The diversity and secularism allow one ample opportunity to explore and learn about different cultures and communities. Icing on the cake is the festivals you witness throughout the year. India is a perfect country for a travel enthusiast with a keen interest in celebrating varied festivals and cultures. Although most festivals are celebrated in a specific region, the major festivals are celebrated throughout the country. Also, for these major festivals, people in different region enjoy the festivity in a very diverse manner. Christmas in one such festival that is celebrated throughout the country, but you can experience a completely different atmosphere in these places.


A Portuguese colony originally, it has retained some of the of the old traditions and fragments from their ancestors. With the option to explore from various midnight masses, beautiful churches to night long beach parties are something that can be experienced here. It is a popular destination for tourists during Christmas till the New Year’s Eve and is flooded with local and international tourists.


This former French Colony is known for picturesque beaches and beautiful churches with gothic architecture.  The easy-going city is home to many international tourists between Christmas and New Year. Eye-catching decorations, lighting, street artists performing, and fireworks will be one of your best memories for life.


Not a party animal? Celebrating a quiet and peaceful Christmas with mother nature can be equally serene and enriching experience in this city of Meghalaya. With beautiful landscapes, the city offers various events in the festive season for an alluring and lovely Christmas.


These locations which are quiet and peaceful throughout the year turn into a carnival city during the festive period. Although 600 km apart from each other, both union territories are home to rich historic churches. They host several cultural shows, one of them being Corridinho (Portuguese dance show) which forms the main attraction for tourists. Diu beaches are also known for being calm and relaxing, not very touristy and perfect for mystical evenings.


The city that never sleeps celebrates the festival without a single gloomy moment.  Apart from Christmas parties and Shopping fairs, the bakeries fill the air with special delicacies for the season. Mount Mary’s Basilica is the most popular for midnight mass. Along with Festive discounts which are offered by malls, they are also decorated with huge Christmas trees creating a perfect atmosphere for shopping.  Restaurants have special Christmas menus and local pubs come out with great offers for friendly parties and get-togethers.


With the largest Christian population in India, Christmas in Kerala is a magnificent affair. It is home to vibrant neighborhoods, carols, street fairs, and special festive cuisine. Fort Kochi is known for the famous Cochin Carnival that takes place from Christmas until New Year’s Eve.

Apart from these places, the entire country welcomes Santa in their own unique way. With good weather, December is a perfect time for planning your travel with Christmas and New Year’s Eve just a week apart. Loud or Spiritual, you are the one to decide and with Christmas right around the corner, it’s the time to start planning and get going!

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