First 5 Star Experience!

Getting an upgrade or managing a short stay for special occasions in a five star is not as difficult as it used to be a decade ago. Although the etiquette and ambience would be intimidating in the beginning but, you can blend along as if it’s not your first time with few tips that will make your stay comfortable.

Classy yet comfort wardrobe on the go.  

The dress code in these high-end holiday homes have relaxed drastically over the years. We do not need to be extremely formal and uptight just to be one among the crowd. A worn-out jean and dated T shirt are a definite no, but a decent pairing of your good fitting denim with classic polos or collared shirt will just be fine. Another trick is to observe the people around to make sure you have it covered in similar fashion. Shoes talk a lot about an individual and will make or break your entire appearance.  Comfort can go hand in hand with style so make a wise choice with them.

Basic Conduct

Appreciating the lavish interiors and plush upholstery can be a silent affair. Going around clicking selfies, or gushing ‘Wow’ at every new encounter can straight away put you in the odd man out situation. We get it you are excited to share it all with family and friends back home, so let the hotel’s website do the job for you.

One of the most important things to keep a check on is the tone we generally speak in. Within 15 minutes of entering the lobby, it is no rocket science to feel the softness on their property. People don’t shout out names from across the hall to address someone. Being soft-spoken can be good for a few days.

Celebrity Meeting

It is kind of common to bump into celebrities at any high end five-star property. A gentle hello or smile upon eye contact can be exchanged instead of over excitement and pushy attitude for taking photos and autographs. There is a possibility they would be on a holiday and do not wish to be disturbed.  If an autograph is a must, a gentle request should simply get you what you want. It is ‘OK’ to have ‘NO’ for an answer and not make a fuss about it attracting attention from fellow guests.

Dinning Etiquette

Five Star’s are known for their fine dine experience and extensive liquor list with first-class trained staff to serve you. Serving water ‘Still’ or ‘Sparkling’ is a norm that began with these high-end hotels. Be prepared to communicate more with the staff as they will enquire about your specifics for everything they have to offer. The good part is the complimentary breads and appetizers that will come your way, so just sit back and enjoy the luxury. The menu can be a bit intimidating with dishes from all around the world. Do not hesitate to check with your server but be sure of your choice to avoid surprises later.

Last but not the least, TIPPING. You will be expected to give tips right from the time the porter gets your bags to your room until your check out. It does not have to be exorbitant but should be a small gesture for the service you get. The house keeping staff is the one you would never see and hence leaving something behind would be highly appreciated.

All we have to say is be self-assured and enjoy the luxury you are paying for.

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