First Time Travelers…!!!

With a few years in the travel world, one still cannot forget the anxiety and fear that accompanied almost all of us in the very first trip. The distress of heading out in the unknown goes hand in hand with the excitement of your first journey leaving your heart and brain in a whirlpool of emotions. First time travelers will always have questions no matter how detailed and organized their itinerary is. A few on the go tips for the new addition in the travel network.

Start Traveling when you’re young – First and the greatest advise once can get is to start early. People are often more engaging, in good shape, accommodating and fearless in their teenage or early adulthood. The experience will not only help you become independent but also ensure you master the art of budgeting.

Organizing your travel Documents – This is an important step that must be in place else your trip could end even before it begins. From your passport, visas, insurance to accommodation, keep it collectively in the order you would need them to avoid hassle during the trip. A backup copy can be handy at the time of an unexpected situation.

Embrace the Change you are about to Witness – Don’t expect things to be same as back home. Be open, explore the local culture and try to learn a few basics of their language. It is one of the best ways to show respect and bond with the locals. You will be surprised with their gestures in return.

Design your Own Itinerary – You don’t have to follow the book and visit only touristy places or choose only off beaten paths like hard core travelers. Decide what you are looking for and what aligns with your interest. Research is always advisable but follow your instincts and be open to spot changes in your itinerary. Interact with the locals for their advice on first time visitor or local delicacies to try.

Be an Extrovert – Traveling alone or with companions, don’t be shy and restricted with your communication. Besides local population, there is an entire network of fellow travelers you can engage with, during your journey. Getting a firsthand account of their experiences can be interesting and helpful since you have just begun.

Keep your travel medium paced – Most of us have this phobia called – FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We get it that you don’t want to miss out on anything. But rushing off to fifty different sights with no time to enjoy or feel the moment will only leave you with countless and meaningless pictures. Make your own memories along the way as they will last you a lifetime.

Stay Connected – An important aspect for a first timer, especially for young travelers. Get a local sim card or keep your original sim active. Always leave your emergency contact information at the desk in your hotel in case of any emergency.

Last but not the least, expect the best and prepare for the worst. Travel light with only things you might need. Manners are universal and appreciated by almost everyone. They leave a good impression and will make your journey smooth and easy going. Do things that give you joy and relax!

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