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How to choose between a 4 Star or 5 Star Hotel?

Distinguishing between a one star and five-star hotels is no rocket science for obvious reasons. What we often fail to understand is the difference between four star and five-star hotels. A major cause for this confusion to exist is; there are no universal standards to determine a four or five-star property. As a matter of fact, until and unless we do not experience it, we may not be able to point a difference at all.

Characterizing luxury and superior luxury can be confusing in its own way. To simplify the process one can, look into these few points

SERVICE – Without a doubt both categories will provide their best for 24 hours every single day. Although a four-star property will provide as per your needs while a five star will try its best to take care of them without being requested in the first place.

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INFRASTRUCTURE – Infrastructure is of utmost importance in luxury hotels. Five stars are grander in terms of interiors, amenities, types of rooms, distance between rooms etc.  The decor will be majestic with minute attention to detail and will incorporate the finest collection of finishes from premium brands.

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LOCATION – If you observe, it won’t be a surprise that they choose the best locations with perfect views the city has to offer. All the major attractions would be easily accessible. It is one of the important criteria’s when a hotel is being rated for commercial classification.

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After reviewing, the next question that arises – is the splurge really worth it? A major hiccup we all face is the price tag that comes along with luxury. Listing the pros and cons will make you realize that the services offered in a five-star accommodation is more than enough to cover up for the additional cost.

It may sound strategic, but these places give ample opportunities to network with the influential lot. A lot of business is generated by reputable companies and MNC’s for their higher management. Individual guests are either significant socialites or people with strong financial background.

Once you are convinced to opt for the best, start looking for options to avail the best price. Internet has revolutionized the access on multiple deals for various five-star properties around the world. Discounts and Special prices are icing on the cake when you finally decide to upgrade your stay. Few pointers to be kept in mind to make the best of them.

Choosing the right hotel after reviewing the feedback from fellow travelers. A few negative comments can             be ignored when most of the other guests have enjoyed their stay.

Booking at the right time – Plan your trip in advance to make sure you can avail the best rates. A off season         booking price is hard to beat.

Select a room that has maximum complementary services. This point must also be kept in consideration               while shortlisting your hotel.

Comfort and service is all one looks for while putting up in any hotel. Not much room is left for anything further when you get the best with personalized sophistication.

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