Making the Transition From Vacation to Work

You go on a vacation to get away from your daily routine and to take a break from work. You assume the vacation will recharge your batteries and you can get back to work energised and full of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, upon you return you realise you’re in no mood to work. Your body is at your workplace, but your mind is still thinking about your nice vacation. To make matters worse, you’re flooded with pending work. Getting back to work is just not easy.

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You can improve your immediate post-vacation work life by simply planning ahead and maintaining a positive attitude. Here are a few ideas.

1. Inform Your Colleagues In Advance

It’s a good plan to let your teammates, your boss and your customers/clients know about your extended leave in advance. This will not only make their life easier, but it’ll also take some load off you. When everyone around you knows you won’t be available for a while, you’re less likely to be loaded with work upon your return.

Set up an out-of-office auto email response on the day before your start your vacation break. It’s a good way to prevent your work inbox from flooding with emails, and to reduce your workload when you resume work.

2. Work Harder Before Your Vacation

Wrap up as much work as possible before you head out on that much-needed vacation so that when you return, you’re not left with a mountain of work to do. Also, try not to leave any work unfinished – either complete it or try not to start it. Unfinished work could lead to work-related calls or emails during the vacation as your colleagues try to take up your unfinished job. Or, you could be left with the unpleasant task of finishing up a half done job when you return after several days.

3. Add a Buffer Holiday to Your Vacation Schedule

This one’s extremely important. Plan your schedule in such a way that you have a spare day for yourself before you get back to work. It’s never a good idea to return from your vacation and immediately head to work – returning on a Sunday night and going to the office the next morning will never do you any good.

The spare day will let you get back into your routine. You can decide how you want to spend this day. You could go grocery shopping, clean your house and even get a head start on your work by checking important emails.

4. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The day before you head back to work, go to bed early and try to get some sound sleep. A fresh and clear mind will help you get back into the rhythm of work.

5. Keep Your First Day at Work Light

Check your emails and interact with your colleagues. There might be a lot of work to do, but if it’s possible, start slowly and ramp up the next day. This way your mind can ease back into work.

Vacations can be refreshing and rewarding when you plan them well and plan them in advance. These points should help you make the transition from vacation to work easier. If you still have a post-vacation hangover, remember that there’s always another vacation to look forward to.

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