Master The Art of Planning Your Trip

Packing your bags and getting ready to explore feels exciting in the beginning but it can also give you anxiety once the planning stage sets in. Exploring the unexplored does require a bit of organization and risk management. Starting early lowers the probability of a messy situation one would not want to be in.

Thanks to the Digital age that we live in, arrangements can be made in advance, if you have the patience to indulge in research. Now once you are sure of your destination/s, decide on the number of days of your travel.

Look out for deals – From your tickets, stay, to tourist attractions, one can enquire with various travel portals and look for cash saving deals. Purchasing directly from the concerned airline usually proves to be cheaper, but promotional offers do stand a possibility of offering better prices. Similar offers are available on accommodation as well. Look out for Combo offers for tourist attractions.

Financials and Documents – Keeping an extra set of important documents is a very common practice amongst everyone. Informing the credit card provider that you are traveling will help you ease out the cancelation process in case of an uninvited situation. Budget your trip well in advance to understand your expenses. Further dividing the money in cash / card can be a more secure way of managing it.

Internal Travel – Getting around a new city can be time consuming unless you study it in advance. Figure out the best mode of transport to move around and look for season tickets / passes to save on costs. Further knowing the average local fares can fetch you a good bargain.

Plan your day by the hour for every single day. Scheduling in advance will cover maximum surprises one can expect while moving around. It will also take care of your meals for the day and give you an opportunity to experiment with local cafes, restaurants and their cuisine.

Backup plan – Your itinerary is mostly based on research and suggestions from your friends, family or colleagues. Be open to the fact that you may not enjoy everything as per their recommendation/research. Do not push yourself to do what others have loved. Keep alternate options handy and be flexible to make sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Be a clever packer – A raincheck on weather will help you decide your major packing list and leave out items that won’t be necessary. While on Vacation, the model within you wakes up every now and then, to capture the best shots. But it does not require you to drag an entire wardrobe throughout your journey. Instead of choosing an outfit every day, try and carry items that can be mix and matched well. Be smart with accessorizing and for once try carrying less on your trips, you will be surprised to notice how good that feels.

Interact with the local people and be on the lookout for off beaten paths. A lot goes into planning but organization in the beginning will leave you stress free during your travel. Follow your instincts and make the most of every journey!

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