Must Have Travel Essentials During Your Vacation


The comfortable setup of our homes makes it difficult to anticipate smallest of things that can be needed while traveling. Honestly, travel essentials can be very subjective to one’s lifestyle and daily habits. None the less, a general checklist is always useful to make sure our basics are covered. To make it simple we can break down our list to few main heads and decide what items are absolute necessary to pack while traveling.

Clothing and Footwear

Based on your destination you can choose your clothing. It is ideal to carry comfortable clothes pref. cotton as you will be on the move most of the time and the last thing you want is, to struggle with your outfit. Fashion is important for good pictures but so are the sentiments of the local people. Rural India can be conservative and respecting their tradition would be good way to gel with them. You can always accessorize your basic outfits with hats, scarfs, shades, light jackets etc. which are light to carry. Comfortable footwear for walking goes without saying but a fancy pair along with a couple of designer outfits could allow you enjoy fine dine or club outings in the evenings.


It is hard to imagine our day without a mobile or a laptop. A laptop may not be necessary while on the move if you have a good smart phone to access all your travel information and make necessary bookings if need be. Smart phone these days come with good camera specs, so carrying a DSLR is purely an individual choice or hobby. Incase you do carry your camera along, please ensure you have necessary accessories like charger and extra batteries. A spare phone is always a good idea in one of those scenarios where you may land up losing your existing phone. Also make sure all your information and booking details are updated on cloud / drive. Other requisites to follow the above items would be a Travel Adapter, Batteries and a Torch.


Traveling in India can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Without a doubt we are geographically a blessed nation, as we can choose from beaches to mountains for our next break but at the same time the economic inconsistency has led to petty thefts, especially in touristy destinations. Make sure you have a tough travel bag pack with multiple internal pockets that are hard to access, and useful to spread your valuables. A combination lock may come in handy in case you have to leave your luggage behind. Procure a local sim card if your roaming network is not proper and make sure you can contact people at any given time.


These small and petty items are hard to remember while packing but are extremely useful and cannot be missed. Starting with Sunscreen, if you love your skin and want to have beautiful tan free pictures till the end of your journey, please pack one. Next to sunscreen is a Mosquito Repellent as the entire nation has mosquito problems and you would want to avoid illness and diseases relating to them. Travel Pouches and Ziplock bags are extremely handy to organize all your Knick-knacks and find them immediately as you need them. Last but not the least is a compact medical kit with basic medication to help you sustain in emergency situations.

It may sound tedious and a lot to remember in the beginning but they can be very well planned and organized and pack light at the same time.

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