Want to Post Family Vacation Pictures? Here are few Tips

Do you often feel annoyed by that one friend who keeps posting his family vacation pictures all over Instagram and Facebook? All of us have at least one such annoying friend, and if you don’t, it’s most likely that you are that annoying friend!

Every day our social media feeds are flooded with pictures of our friends and relatives. While we like seeing some familiar faces once in a while, most of us don’t really care about the people we don’t know. We understand that taking pictures on vacation is important but that’s because you want to preserve those memories.

Before social media and Internet came into existence, vacations were the time you made memories. The constant check-ins and uploads have now put the memories at a back stand. Even if we don’t take subjective opinions into consideration, oversharing every personal detail on social media has its share of problems.

You’re being watched

The most important concern about sharing pics on social media is security. When you share your entire travel plan on social media channels, it’s like you’re handing over your travel diary to everyone on your friend’s list. If you’re still adamant about posting travel pictures, make sure your privacy settings are secure enough so that strangers can’t access any information. There have been instances when such information has fallen into the wrong hands and houses have been robbed while the family was away on vacation.

Enjoy time with Family

When you’re out with your family on vacation, direct your energies towards spending more time with each member instead of posting about it on social media. With the advent of the Internet, conversations within the family have almost disappeared and due to this people feel disconnected. Make the most of your vacation and find out what’s bothering your father or why your son couldn’t make it to the football team this year. These conversations are more important than your Facebook feed. So, just go off the grid during your vacation.

Be a storyteller, not the annoying spammer!

When you’re on a trip, control your urge to post everything right away. The pictures and the updates can wait till you get home. Enjoy the moments with your family and when you get back, narrate your experiences and then share the pictures in moderation, curating through them thoroughly so that your friends enjoy your experience and not unfollow your profile. Even while posting food pictures on Instagram, make sure you don’t overdo it. People don’t have to know what you had for every meal. Enjoy your food before worrying about other people seeing it. Post responsibly and stop spamming everyone’s feed.

Don’t lose respect among your friends

According to a research paper, people tend to dislike friends who overshare their personal details on social media. The lead author of the study, Dr. David Houghton wrote, “Our research found that those who frequently post photographs on Facebook risk damaging real-life relationships.” So, don’t jeopardise your relationships because by posting too many family vacation pictures on social media, you only strike as a snob to most people.

The best way to deal with oversharing during a vacation is to put away your phone. Forget about social media for a while and pretend you’re still in the ‘80s! You’ll find your vacation more fulfilling.

How about planning a family holiday filled with lots of fun activities?

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