Sign Off 2018 With New Experiences

With New year around the corner, the “wanderlust lot” specially from the corporate world tends to use the opportunity for a short holiday. No matter how extrovert one’s personality is, feeling out of the place has been experienced by most travellers. Traveling on special occasions can come with its own highs and lows. While the excitement to explore new skies never leaves your thoughts, the same place can make you homesick when you see people celebrating with their family and friends.

One can be surprised how much locals are interested in travelers. Now that also includes the lot of thieves and pick pocketers which we are sure you would not want attention from. Blending in with the local population will also make do with your unannounced homesickness. However, one needs to take certain efforts to interact and understand the resident culture.

No matter how much they find bag packers intriguing, we cannot ignore they also do not appreciate people flooding their streets just because they can afford to explore places. Respecting their culture gives them a good understanding of your personality and is a widely appreciated gesture. Be like a local, respect your surrounding and the same will be reciprocated for sure.

Search the internet for images of the local market, famous streets to give you a basic idea of the way people dress. Muted clothes will do the trick of diverting unnecessary attention. Roaming around in the local attire, that is used on occasions might not amuse them but in certain cases could outrage them incase you fail to understand the traditional significance.

Get a hang of the local language and local currency. Keep some additional cash handy as our cards may not be accepted everywhere. A few phrases used commonly will make the communications process easy. Find a common language that keeps your interaction going and keep the tone low unless it is common habit to speak loudly. Become a regular, can be visiting a grocery store every day or having coffee at a café. Familiar faces make interactions easy.

New year is a universal festival and is celebrated in various ways around the world. Certain celebrations are quiet, whereas it is a night long party for the rest. Yes, you may have your expectations set on the way you would like to celebrate, but an attempt to celebrate it the way locals do can be a new experience to cherish in future.

Destinations like Goa, Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore give you best pubs to party throughout the night. On the other hand, one can experience serene beaches of Puducherry, sand dunes of Jaisalmer, sacred forests of Shillong and one of the best trekking trails in the Himachal. Calm islands like Andaman, Lakshadweep are perfect spots for coral reefs and celebrating new year. The Ghats of Varanasi give out a spectacular view of New Year Eve fireworks.

Being in a diverse country, we have multiple choices to choose our destination. Blending in does not mean losing your individuality but getting accustomed to new environments and allowing new people to understand you.


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