Tips on Surviving the Summer Holidays with Family

Planning to take your family out on a vacation during summer? There are a lot of things to worry about on summer vacations, especially if you have kids coming along. You have to look for an appropriate location, find cheap tickets and hotels so that you don’t break the bank, make sure nobody falls sick during the trip and so on.

Whatever the challenges, there’s nothing like spending some time away from your routine life. So, let us give you a few tips that’ll help you survive the summer holidays with family. You can thank us later!

1) Pick a cool destination

To ensure that people don’t fall sick due to the heat waves, try to pick destinations where the temperatures are relatively cooler. Hill stations are perfect destinations during summer due to which they’re packed with tourists. So, make sure you get the bookings done in advance. If you’re picking a beach destination, find out about the temperatures during the day and avoid going out in the sun during the hottest hours.

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2) Book a luxury hotel

We know what you’re thinking, but trust us, it won’t bore a hole in your pocket. While the notion of luxury does seem intimidating, booking a luxury hotel isn’t such a big deal nowadays. With the help of discount coupons and membership cards, you can avail lucrative discounts on your stay.

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3) Keep everyone hydrated

The most important part of your trip should include water. Carry large amounts of water; especially you’re taking a road or train trip. Dehydration is common during summer and is more likely to happen while you’re travelling. So, keep the water bottle handy at all times.

4) Try adventure sports

Keeping the kids busy during vacation is an essential part. If they get bored, they tend to land themselves in unnecessary trouble. So, try to enrol them in some physical activity or adventure sports so that they use the time in a constructive manner. Make sure you don’t send them out when it’s too hot outside or they may end up dehydrated.

5) Carry food for road trips

Road trips are draining especially in summer. Pack a lot of healthy snacks and meals before you leave. Include fruits and salads to keep yourself healthy and hydrated throughout the trip. Don’t include too many salty items as they’ll make you dehydrated. Pack fresh fruit juices instead of sodas to keep yourself hydrated.

6) Have a first aid kit handy

If you have elderly family members or kids with you on the trip, you need it without a doubt. Keep essential medicines and other clinical equipment such as bandages, antiseptic liquid and ointments to help an injured person right away. Keep this kit handy so that you don’t have to rummage through your luggage to get it out.

7) Keep your cool

The most important tip to survive a family vacation in summer is to keep your cool. Try not to get annoyed by small things like kids making noise or your aunt complaining about the pool. Remember, you’re on vacation to rejuvenate yourself and these things are just minor inconveniences. Rise above them and enjoy your vacation.

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