Top 7 Problems Business Travellers Face

Do you travel a lot on work? Then you probably hate airport food? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It is one of the most common problems business travellers face. Even the most seasoned traveller may need to cross a few hurdles when travelling on business. Most people think that a travelling job is exciting and filled with adventures. But the reality is far from that.

Business travellers face many challenges. From long airport queues and language barriers to adjusting your body clock to different time zones and eating food that you’re not used to, the list is endless. Sometimes they’re just minor inconveniences while at other times they’re safety hazards. According to surveys conducted by the Global Business Travel Association, safety concerns are very important issues for business travellers, more so than flight delays or unplanned changes in hotel bookings.

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Check out these top 7 problems that business travellers face around the world.

1) Staying in budget hotels

One of the most important challenges that you’ll face as a business traveller is staying in dingy, budget hotels. These hotels don’t provide the essential amenities. You have to settle for whatever is available and let’s face it: nobody wants to spend time in a place like that even if it is a business trip.

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2) Hotels in shady localities

Another important challenge is the location of your company guest house or hotel. It is especially unsafe for women business travellers. Most women travellers tend to avoid staying in such places by doing a day trip and end up exhausted by the travel.

Solution: A good hotel with all amenities in a good location, keeping in mind the safety of women travellers is necessary. Gift your women employees a luxury stay while they’re away on work without jeopardising your company’s budget.

3) Safety issues

If you have had your baggage missing at the airport or have been mugged outside your hotel at some time while travelling on work, you’ll understand what we are talking about. 50% of business travellers think that the location of their hotel is a top concern when it comes to safety. 36% of them find airline security a safety concern while 34% say they’re ignorant about whom to call in the case of an emergency. Most companies do not provide travel insurance to their employees, which makes it more difficult.

Solution: Choose a good hotel in a safe, convenient location when you travel. Get a deal to stay in a luxury hotel of your choice and stay safe.

4) Airport food

How many times have you ended up spending a bomb on stale food at the airport? We’re guessing, a lot of times. That’s because you have no choice. You’re hungry, and you go to the nearest food stop—the airport restaurant. From chefs to waiters, everyone at the restaurant knows that repeat customers are few and far between, and so, they serve poor fare at high prices. The quality and quantity of food is nothing short of disappointing.

Solution: You can eat a full meal at home before heading to the airport, so you don’t have to eat unhealthy, overpriced food.

5) Adjusting to different time zones

Who hasn’t suffered ‘jet lag’ at least once after travelling abroad? Different times zones around the world mess up your body clock and sleep cycle. You end up being sleep deprived while your body takes its own sweet time to adjust to another time zone, and before it does, you’re already in a new time zone. This affects the health of international business travellers everywhere.

Drink plenty of water when travelling, especially when you’re aboard your flight. Additionally, you can start to tune your body clock to your destination time zone by regulating your sleep cycle, If you’re going to be landing at your destination during the day, make sure to grab some shut eye on the flight. If you’re landing at night, then don’t sleep. Sleep only after you’ve arrived at your destination.

6) Flight delays and hotel cancellations

You have to attend an urgent meeting, and you cannot be there on time because your flight has been delayed for some unforeseen circumstances. Most business travellers have faced unscheduled delays and have arrived at the hotel only to find that their reservation is missing.  Not only is it inconvenient for you but also for your business. The issue of finding a place to stay at the last minute is frustrating.

Solution: While nothing much can be done about flight delays, you can double check your reservation with the hotel beforehand.                                       

7) Tracking expenses

Tracking business expenses require only the most basic organizational skills, but even the most organized person can make mistakes. You get reimbursed for your travel expenses only if you submit the receipts of your expenses incurred during the trip. But if you’re missing even one receipt, the onus is on you.

Solution: Keep an envelope handy so you can put all your receipts in one place. This way, you won’t miss out on claiming what’s due to you.

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Whether it’s leisure or business, it’s important for people to feel confident when they travel. While some of these concerns can be addressed by the traveller and the company, others aren’t really in your hands. There are many apps and novel technology at your disposal to make the best out of your business travel. They include booking apps for hotels and taxis, expense tracking apps, travel vouchers, city guides, etc. Use them and make your trip fruitful.


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