Top Reasons to Visit Goa in December 2019

Goa, also known as the “Tourist Paradise” of the nation has earned its name and reputation in the world. The magnificent beaches, clubs, lounges, bars, festivals, churches, monuments and more play a huge role in making the state popular as the ‘vacation spot to be at’. Though the state attracts people throughout the year, there is something special about the month of December during which the footfall increases significantly. The December crowd can be attributed to the magnificent celebrations of Christian festivals; Christmas and New Year. This not only attracted more people to the state but also invited huge brands to participate in the celebrations with different events and festivals. One does not have to worry about accommodation as there are many hotels in Goa that will provide a luxurious experience to the visitors. If you are looking to visit this Tourist Paradise with your friends, here are the reasons why you should do it in the month of December:

Christmas Celebrations at Churches

For people who are planning to spend their Christmas in Goa, they are in for a treat. The state during the festival is overrun with colours, and joy. The locals are super friendly and excited to welcome people from all over and make them a part of their traditions. The Churches throughout the state are embellished with beautiful lighting and decorations. One can see candles lit all over and the view of the night is magnificent. People can have puddings, cakes, are many more delicious delicacies that are served at any of the 400 churches in the place.

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The New Year Beach Parties

You haven’t really experienced fun if you haven’t celebrated your New Year at a beach party in Goa. Each beach has its own party, but the party at Anjuna beach is known to be the biggest celebration of the New Year in the whole nation. The shacks, clubs and pubs jointly throw some of the most amazing parties. All the guests are extremely enthusiastic and filled with joy. Live music, delicious food and an unlimited supply of drinks make these parties a permanent part of your memories. Each beach celebrates the New Year with the tradition of burning the old man to symbolise the destruction of the bygone worries and odds.

Gambling fun at Casinos

It is hard to find any legitimately run casinos in India. Goa is the only place one can find a number of Casinos on huge boats docked at the river Mandovi. So get some cash and gamble as much as you like and maybe you win or maybe you lose, the primary idea is to have the most fun that you can. You can enjoy the luxuries of unlimited drinks and delicious foods at the huge boats.

December is here, yet you haven’t booked your stay at one of the finer hotels in Goa. Do not wait an year and visit the ‘Pearl of the orient’ to experience the time of your life that you will find hard to get out of your pleasant memories.

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