Travel Blog or Personal Journal – Its more about you looking back in Time…!!!

We are in the #TravelAge where accessing the most remote corners of the globe is possible. Without a doubt, we go crazy taking pictures while traveling. It is common to look at an old travel picture and think – why was it taken in the first place? It can be a simple Lamp Post which makes no sense right now or a cute incident which you are now, clueless about. Point is, insignificant reminiscences can fade away easily as our brain finds it convenient to simply refresh its database from time to time.

This is exactly why one should maintain a Personal Dairy or Blog about their travels. It requires a lot of dedication and concentration, but it is something which you can proudly own. It is a small niche created and managed by you, wherein you may or may not share your thoughts with everyone else. A travel log can get a lot organized and easier with these mere few tips:

Note your Itinerary – You already have your outing details in place. Keep taking notes on the way to document changes if any. Similarly jot down specifics, you would want to remember later. These notes are extremely handy in recollecting dialectal and locations.

Journal apps – We get it that making notes is Old School and may not sync in well with the tech savvy generation. All that counts, is a tiny log that can help you draft at a later stage. It can be an old illegible notebook, a neat graphic journal or an online platform to share your experiences. In fact, it can be useful for others who plan a similar trip.

Taking the right Images – For sure we go crazy clicking whenever travelling only to come back and realize as to why was it taken in the first place. Upload images preferably on the same day to avoid Memory Loss! Maybe you can rename your images with specific keywords to help you later.

Expectation V/S Reality – Scribble your thoughts regarding your expectations vs what you experienced. Our expectations are mostly based on third person reviews or general feedback online. Sharing insights can be a good advice for fellow travelers.

It’s all in the details – Now, you have decided to publish your blog. The best way to personalize it is by making a note of tiny details. Giving in your personal interaction with the locals and appreciating their help could be a good way to thank them. Describe your experience with the accommodation, cuisines etc. or a maybe share a few tips to get around the place.

It may sound like a lot of work in the beginning, but the effort is for sure worth it. The choice of sharing one’s journal is subjective and one’s own choice. You can pour your heart out and record your most honest thoughts for eternities. It reflects how adventurous one can get with the adrenaline rush in that moment. It will always remind you to be grateful for everything that has come your way so far.

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