Why send your kids to Summer Camps…?

If you have been to summer camp as a kid, you won’t be surprised at the benefits of this experience. To think of it now, we are sure it would have played a promising role in enriching life skills at an early stage of development. We can mutually agree on the fact that summer camps are apt for any child’s social, physical, psychological and emotional development. This experience nurtures independence and confidence, a structured approach to develop one’s core foundation. Quite a few of us always contemplate that these qualities can be enbibed in our kids at home as well. To an extent, yes, it definitely does, but an independent external influence works a lot better than the comfort in ones home environment

Quick take on why we send our kids to summer camps….!

Unplug from Screens

One of the most crucial problems faced by us, parents today is that the kids refuse to come out of TV, mobile phones, laptops and tablets. This generations simply refuses to leave screens and head out. Summer Camp are the perfect opportunity to take time off technology and redirect their skills in an assortment of activities.

Taking charge of their own well-being

For those who have experienced camp life in their childhood can relate to the schedule that was mandatory to follow. Being kids we had to take charge of our own routine and make choices without any adult influence. There was a certain discipline in place wherein most of our decisions would be based on our liking and interest. Unlike the protected environment at home, camps help them to take care of themselves.

Social Bonding

They say the longest friendships are made in our school going age. This summer home incites social interaction with kids from different backgrounds, communities, schools etc. and makes them understand the importance of communication and sharing. Collective participation involves the aspects of team building, sorting differences amicably and promotes teamwork.

Reconnecting with Nature

Have you ever thought of comparing the environment you grew up in vs what your kids have at disposal? Growing up in this concrete jungle has deprived them to interact with nature. What we mean to imply is hiking and playing in parks was a usual routine for us. Getting our kids out, back in the outdoors boosts their survival instinct and immunity system which is the most we are concerned with.

Physical Activity

Camps host variety of activities like swimming, treasure hunts, hiking, climbing etc. Adventure Sports activities seem to take a back burn during the regular routine where major emphasis is on education and allied courses. Even though schools support sports and physical development, we can’t blame them enough as they are also restricted to an overly-scheduled routine.

Develop Confidence and Life skills

All we want for ours kids is to evolve to accept success and failure in life. These experiences would not only introduce them to these concepts but help them boost their confidence and push them to work on the weaker links. Creativity, appreciation and gratitude are important concepts, that allow kids to trade roles, be responsible and make independent choices.

It is difficult to let them be on their own at an early age, but it is also important to break their structured routine, build their imagination, set their boundaries and make life connections.

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