Work, Play, Break & Repeat !

In this monotonous and hectic work schedule, taking interim breaks from work can be beneficial for the employees as well as the organizations. Keeping work aside, stress has taken a toll on our personal relationships as well. But it is not often that we can afford vacations whenever we need a time out. To add to it, availability of internet can barely keep you away from work. Even if one is not expected to check mail or revert while on leave, our mind simply cannot resist just to check on what’s going on.

Why do we need a break in the first place?

Relieving your mind from stress! As simple as it sounds, it is one of the major factors why your mind needs to cut back.  Continuous stress in smaller amounts can lead to chronic stress, either of those are extremely unhealthy for any individual. Unfortunately, we are so engrossed and used to our mechanical life, that most of the times we fail to even realize that we are stressed out. This directly impacts on our productivity and concentration levels. It builds so much anxiety and pressure that we land up consuming our energy even while enjoying. Constant headaches or sudden lethargy can be a few signs wherein you need to stop and rethink your schedule.

The right way of cutting it slack

Taking a break is important but how to take one is something we do not emphasize on and it may not serve our purpose at all. Even with our best productive schedule, our brain demands a change. Travelling for 10 to 15 days cannot be the only answer to taking a break. A balanced routine with work and play may also work in most of the cases. Being involved in any sport of your choice can be highly beneficial. However, one should make changes at regular intervals to keep the freshness alive. Even breaks during long hours of work are recommended for your brain to relax.

Timing your break!

Most of the times it is obvious that we need to sit back. In other cases, one must be a bit more vigilant and self-aware about what the body or mind is going through.  Common occurrences are anxiety and irregularities in one’s sleeping patter. Its best not to wait till things fuzzy in the head and start planning a break. As we said, one does not a luxurious trip every time stress starts creeping in. A weekend getaway or even a staycation can do if you can keep your mind completely off work.

There no definitive time or number of breaks one should take. It is highly subjective to one’s routine and intellectual or physical stamina. What works for you may not work for someone else so its best to go with the flow of your requirements. Our main aim is to discontinue the stress cycle and refine our thinking skills for increased creativity. A relaxed mind will not only make us better at work but lively in our personal relationships as well.

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