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Renewal Policy

We at offer the buyer/user/customer, Voucher (s) that is valid for a period of 11 Months. The Voucher (s) is renewable. The request for renewal can be made within 90 days prior to the expiry. The buyer/user/customer can keep the Voucher (s) for more than 11 Months by following the Renewal Mechanism as given below

    1. The unused Voucher is renewable and can be renewed for another 11 Months at a time.

    2. That the customer can renew the Voucher by Clicking on the Renew Voucher option provided in 'Customer' login or any other option provided on the Website. Customer can renew the unused Voucher at any point of time after expiry of the Voucher. However, the website reserves the right to refund the Voucher amount as per Refund Policy of the Website after expiry the validity of the Voucher.

    3. That a charge of Rs. 100/- plus applicable taxes is chargeable as Renewal Charges.

    4. In case of increase in Voucher price, the Voucher is renewable on payment of difference between the prevalent price of the Voucher at the time of renewal and the purchase price of the Voucher subject to fulfillment of all other conditions of this Renewal Policy.


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